About the site

Mandawaconnect launched in 2020 as a personal blog for knowledge sharing platform for the very known Film destination of Rajasthan – Mandawa. This site is quickly growing collective efforts of the royal people of Rajasthan and historical place lovers from across the world.

If you love to see the news, information and graphical interface of the Royal City Mandawa, this is a right place for you here. Our most of the posts and information are focusing about the day to day incidents happening in Mandawa and surroundings. The other most important thing you find here the royal smell of soul of Shekhawati land with its rich culture and traditional information we post time to time.

Discovering the interesting things are not so easy specially when you are remotely scouting them. So we will inspect each and every information which we receive before publishing here.
This site started with inspiration to remember the motherland wherever you lives in the world. This is the example of keeping Traditional and Cultural values alive and transferring it to the next generation.

About me

Well, I have started my journey from a very small village of Rajasthan. Tetara (तेतरा) is just 1.5 KM before the Royal Empire of Mandawa on the way from district headquarter Jhunjhunu where I belongs. I find myself very lucky in life where I got all support from my parents for my growth. I got excellent mentors during my life where they shown me right path of life to walk. I completed my Masters and other computers skills during my job only and got a successful career with my hard work and dedication, also not say NO for any task. This gives me a multitasking career where I have been fit in every part of the Management in organization.
Writing, Photography, Hiking and making friends is my hobbies and I got a excellent network of rich and diverse peoples in my life. I definitely your love and support to grow this network more to part of my journey. You can connect with by subscribe this blog.

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Thank you and lots of love
Surendra Shekhawat